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screen printing.

Screen printing has always be a passion at Custom Clothing. We have a huge production capacity, so you can be assured that whatever it is you need done we can do it for you and to a very high quality, every time.

The Key to successful screen printing, just like with embroidery, is being realistic about the medium of art and having the experience to know what is going to make your design really pop, the details clear and the positioning that suits the garment.

That said we can often make projects work that other screen printers can't. It's a bold claim but our mission is to collaborate with you to achieve an awesome outcome on every project. That's why we have so many customers who keep coming back.

Almost anything is possible.

  • Need to print a design with 10 colours - no problem.
  • Need individual names and numbers - easily done.
  • Want to use a discharge ink - we can do it.
  • Feel that your design would look awesome in a silver metallic shimmer - that's easy and at no extra cost.
  • Want to supply your own garments for screen printing - not an issue.
  • Not sure where to get your garments from - we can source most anything you need.
  • Got a budget to work with - let us know and we will give you viable options within that budget.
  • Want to investigate what printing options you have - ask and we will give you a run down. We do it all!
  • Need a sample made up - Keep in mind that doing samples is never cheap, but if you want them we can do them.

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